An unmetered dedicated server from 1GServers provides you with high bandwidth capabilities that includes unlimited data. That means your server can distribute an unlimited amount of data to the Internet, and you will never receive an overage charge. We have grouped our best performing dedicated servers for you with a 10Gbps connection at a great price.

You can customize any of the servers on this page. Typical setup time 0-2 business days, but may be longer depending upon options selected and our order queue. However, we will confirm an ETA with you via e-mail.

Streaming Ready

The 1GServers network is performance routed, and we don't have any CDN or streaming restrictions.

Automated OS Installs

The 1GServers client portal offers you the convenience of re-installing the OS anytime.

Server Stats

View the bandwidth usage charts, and server health stats that are updated in real time.

10gbps Unmetered Dedicated Servers
These servers come standard with a dedicated 10g fiber uplink with unlimited data transfer. Why choose us for a 10g server?
CPU / Threads RAM Drives Bandwidth Price
2x E5-2680v4
56 Threads @ 2.4GHz
256 GB 4x2TB SSD
Raid 10
10gbps unmetered $1078/m $899/m Customize
2x E5-2680v4
56 Threads @ 2.4GHz
256 GB 2x1.6TB NVMe
Raid 1
10gbps unmetered $1076/m $849/m Customize
2x E5-2650v2
32 Threads @ 2.6GHz
64 GB 6x8TB HDD
Raid 10
10gbps unmetered $988/m $788/m Customize
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Why choose 1GServers for an unmetered dedicated server?

  • No overage charges

With an unmetered dedicated server from 1GServers, there are no overage charges.

  • No speed limits

Your server's uplink speed is the only limit. We never throttle connections.

  • Premium network

You'll never look back with our performance routed network with extensive peering.

I have been with 1GServers for a little over a month. So far they have been great to deal with. The server has been stable and online the entire time and they have been responsive to tickets. They also provided us with a customized server build at a very reasonable price. That is my thoughts on 1GServers so far. I have been dealing with Brandon and he is great to work with.

Dustin Benner  

I have been with 1GServers for quite a while now and I'm extremely happy with the quality of the network, service and support I receive. I tried the cheaper hosts and constantly became the innocent victim of ddOs attacks. This was very bad for my company and the hundreds of customers we serve. I can now sleep at night. You won't find better service.

Wes Simkins  

Custom Dedicated Servers
We offer custom built dedicated servers for the most demanding of workloads. You can customize all aspects of our dedicated servers, including the memory, disk, network, and more.

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